Sunday, December 20, 2009

Bento (48) - Return of the Aquarium Bento

After a week of light bento, it was time to challenge myself and do Take 2 of the hot dog crabs. This time I boiled the little critters . . . and they came out much much better! I'm still not happy with color, so I'll have to experiment with a different type of sausage/hot dog. But overall, these bentos turned out great! My last aquarium bento looked great . . . but tasted iffy - so this time I tried to include more quail eggs (fishies) and other yummies.

The purple fishies came out darker than I intended, but the carrot fis and tails worked perfectly. Grapes and strawberries were a kind of fishie egg nest . . . and carrot and cucumber stars were used for more color variety and accents. The little spiky urchin is a sugar candy that I found.

The fishies are decorated with nori strips (still not sure I like seaweed . . . I know! Sacriligeous!).

Goose starts winter break this week - and as he is going to a different BASE program, I think it is safest to send him with disposable lunches, since I'm not all that sure the bento boxes an such will return to me. Therefore, it may be a light bento week - we'll see how the mood strikes. Bento bento bento bento.


  1. Those are really cool! Love the fishies :)

  2. I think those came out really well!