Monday, January 4, 2010

Bento (52) - A Little Bit of Everything in the Fridge

So Monday's bento was a bunch of leftovers from the weekend and my vacation week. Goose got pasta (three cheese toretllini) with spaghetti sauce and cheddar jack star, PB&J rolls with sugar snap peas, and pineapple/apple salad with cheddar jack star (I have to make it back to Pacific mercantile to restock on quail eggs for my usual cute accents! I'm going through quail egg withdrawal!).

My bento was essentially the same, but I added steak (leftover from the Korean lettuce rolls) and avacado to mine. Mmmmmmm. And running the steak under water washed off most of the charcoal flavor. YAY! The red are cherry tomatoes - not quail eggs :) :) :) - for once.

And in other important news . . . my new dayplanner came in from J-List. It was just so cute, I had to share! KAWAII >.< It's absolutely perfect for what I was looking for. I tore open the package and danced around the livingroom for a while before I ran for the camera. Wheee!


  1. Thanks! I'm a sucker for Tonari no Totoro products. Especially affordable, useful Tonari no Totoro products. ::squeal::

  2. That planner is AWESOME! I like the fact that you can use the cover for other books and/or a new year once the old one is done. Cool stuff!