Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Bento (181) - Meat, Cheese, and Cracker Bento - Pepperjack Bears

Aaaaand continuing the series of homemade meat, cheese, and cracker bentos....  I'm still working out how to get a good balance of fruits and vegetables (not to mention proper cheese and cracker position).  LOL.  The first time I gave Goose colby jack cheese giraffes they apparently got warm and melted, so he didn't eat his crackers because the cheese was gooey.  O.o  This time I gave him less crackers and we added a cold pack to his insulated lunch box to make sure the cheese behaved itself, and he complained that he ran out of crackers....

Left side is ham circles topped with carrot stars, pepperjack cheese bears, and blueberries.  Right side is Ritz crackers, raspberries, and a stack o' carrot bears.

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