Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Bento (178) - Mini Cocktail Sausages Octopi Bento

Confession time...I've been afraid of the mini crab/octopi hotdog bentos because I could never get my cutter to work properly.  I finally found a suggestion in Yum-Yum bento to slice a cocktail dog in half diagonally and then make two to three slits to create the little legs...and amazingly, it worked!  (You will need to toss the little boogers in boiling water to get their legs to splay out.)  Octopi eyes are nori cut-outs.

I tried giving Goose a "grown up" bento box...which I found out later went disastrously as he pretty much threw his lunch all over the ground.  O.o  Ah, well.  What can you do?  Lower level is Neapolitan noodles (noodles with ketchup, carrots, and onions) topped with broccoli and mini cocktail dog octopi.  Upper level left is minced pickled garlic with bunny food pick, sweet soy mushrooms (MmmmmMMMMmmm), and mandarin oranges with a pickled plum in the center.

 On an amusing side note, J. offered to assist with bento preparation and learned the first rule of noodles--don't overpack.  At lunch, we both shared a laugh over our "pasta bricks." 

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