Saturday, July 11, 2015

Bento (176) - Naruto Noodles

With this bento, Goose has confirmed that he doesn't like potato salad.  :P  Even freshly hand-made nommy potato salad with mayo and carrots and salted cucumber bits.  Personally, I think he's crazy--but then again, I remember hating potato salad until I was an adult. 

All three of us had similar bentos, with potato salad (upper left), blueberry/strawberry salad (lower left), and a main course of fried noodles with peas and carrots, soaked in a tablespoon or two of udon sauce (I was out of udon sauce--so I used a few tablespoons of a different soup base, but it didn't have as much flavor.  :(  Must...add...udon shopping list).  To add a little color (and protein), I topped the noodles with naruto slices.  These bentos were a little protein-light.  In the future, I would likely recommend replacing the potato salad with a second serving of protein and a simple veggie (like cooked carrot stars).

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