Monday, June 29, 2015

Bento (175) - Return of the Ham Sandwich - Or Three-Tiered Alien Monster

Can you believe I actually forgot how to properly size the sandwich for Goose's bento?  O.o  I stuffed some grapes and blueberries into the extra space (and Goose reassured me he wasn't hungry at the end of the day), but I still have this niggling feeling that I was a bad bento-mommy.  LOL.  I ended up sticking a blue elephant pick in the blueberries, but that photo turned out no elephant pick for you!  It surprised me when I went to pack a fork and Goose demanded a cute food pick instead.  I have corrupted my child.  MU HA HA. 

Upper right is a single sweet pepper with chopped garlic, and the multi-colored rainbow bits are store-bought mini-mochis.

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