Sunday, May 1, 2016

Bento (189) - Almond Butter and Sliced Banana Sandwich

Today's lunch was an almond butter (like peanut butter--only made with almonds) sandwich with honey and sliced bananas.  Goose had a literal side salad (kale and mixed greens) with raw pumpkin seeds.  The orange container was mix of olive oil and balsamic vinegar for a quick and easy salad dressing.  Lucky for me Goose loves vinegar!  To the far right is a watermelon/purple grape salad and a small cup filled with macadamia nuts and chocolate chips. 

Sadly--this lunch was only half-eaten as a fried chicken sandwich at school proved more enticing.  :P :P :P  Not that I blame Goose.  This was our first try at non-gluten bread, and we discovered brown rice bread was not to our taste (looks great--crumbles like a batch of dry brown sugar).  Since then, we've discovered a much better brand that tastes and behaves in a much more bread-like manner (Canyon Bakehouse, in case anyone out there is wondering).  Yay!  :)

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