Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Bento (191) - Turkey Zucchini Poppers with Sriracha Sauce

I went back in search of the chicken zucchini poppers recipe...and it had disappeared!  Ack!  I found a similar recipe for turkey zucchini poppers--but having made it both ways, I must say I definitely prefer the ground chicken version!  This bento wasn't the most attractive thing I've ever made (too much brown...yech!) but I tried to liven it up with little drops of red sriracha sauce and a kiwi sauce container (which is filled with dijon mustard).  What can I say?  Goose has odd taste buds.  :P

Left is three turkey/zucchini poppers over brown rice with dabs of sriracha sauce.  Top right was leftover brussel sprouts and bacon from a dinner earlier that week.  Bottom was a rather sad looking leftover banana/grape/blueberry fruit salad that would have been much brighter colors if I had made it that morning--but I can't do it all, people!

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