Saturday, June 25, 2011

Bento (145) - Brightening Up Brown Noodles

Did I mention I've become a noodle snob? I can't even eat spaghetti noodles anymore! To change up my sweet soy beef dinner, I changed out the usual white udon noodles for brown soba noodles . . . and then realized that brown meat and brown noodles make for an awfully well - brown - bento :P

It was necessary to add lettuce, corn, edamame, and TWO - yes TWO - kawaii sauce holders to make this bento as bright as I wanted. Top level is edamame/radish rose, kiwi, and potato salad. To make the little flower, I put down two edamame leaves, and a little piece of red pepper (which was already in the potato salad). SCORE!

And for all those wondering about Goose's chicken nugget bento. HE ATE IT!!!

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