Saturday, June 25, 2011

Bento (144) - Bento Surprise - Goose's Request

Goose caught me making my bento yesterday and said: "Mommy - remember when you used to make me lunches? I REALLY want you to make me a lunch . . . please please please?"


Needless to say, I suffered through all the flashbacks of the times I carefully prepared his lunches - only to have him 1) hate the ingredients; 2) forget to eat it; or 3) turn it upside down, shake, and then complain that it was all jumbled up at lunchtime . . . .

And I made him a bento with dinosaur-shaped chicken nuggets. I tossed in leftover soba noodles and sweet soy broth from dinner, and included two piggies - one with ketchup for the nuggets and one with the sweet soy for the noodles. One chopped up kiwi, a scattering of frozen corn and some pre-cooked edamame - and a dollop of white potato salad to showcase the piggy and VOILA!

It even looks cute with the lid on! Awwww.

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