Monday, April 19, 2010

Bento (79) - Pork Chop Bento

And today's lesson was . . . arranging meat attractively is a lot harder than it looks! I finally threw some pepperjack cheese flowers on the slices to make them look a little more appetizing! The yellow is potatoes au gratin topped with carrot flowers.

Bottom level is edamae with carrot flowers and mandarin oranges around a frozen cherry. When I went to eat this bento at work I turned the bottom level around so the edamame/carrot salad was on the right . . . and it looked much more photogenic. LOL!


  1. I think they both look nice and appetizing... especially the bottom one with the mandarin and cherry flower.

    On the meat... have you tried slicing it much thinner and trying fan-fold type arrangements?

  2. The mandarin flower is beautiful and so simple. Thank you for sharing the technique.