Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Bento (78) - Free Form Kitty Bento

Does this count as a nekokoneko? :P Probably not, since I took the photo with the larger bento on top. LOL! Whenever I have ham, I start thinking of kitty ears for some strange reason . . . and so I built kitty bentos for the boys. I put down a ham-filled rice ball and decorated with ham ears and nose, then hand-cut pepperjack cheese eyes. The pupils and the mouth are nori. The green is edamame, the yellow and white is a boiled egg cut in half. The orange is honey-glazed sweet potatos, the red frozen strawberries, and the piggy/fishie are filled with dumpling sauce for the rice! MMMMmmmmmMMMMM.

Goose ate most of his yesterday (HOORAY!) - but T. forget his . . . so it is now MY kitty bento! Mu ha ha. . . . . I suppose 7:34 a.m. can't count as lunch, so I'll have to wait!

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  1. Cute! Ham makes perfect kitty ears, they are purrfect ;)