Friday, April 2, 2010

Bento (76) - Mashed Potatoes and . . .

And for Friday's bento, I scraped together every scrap of leftovers and tossed them in my orange bunny box . . .which is how I ended up with mashed potatoes, edamame, and teriyaki chicken. I did take the opportunity to practice my new-found frozen cherry flowers. Mmmmmm.


  1. I like the cherry flowers, and the animal picks.

  2. loving the bento action- just had to follow!

  3. OooooOOO. Welcome aboard! I can't believe people are so interested in what I'm having for lunch! >.< Though it is nice to know I'm not the only one fascinated by squishing large amounts of food into a small box . . . attractively (if done properly). It can be done improperly. Trust me. :P :P :P