Monday, April 12, 2010

Bento (77) - Honey Baked Ham Sandwiches

And for today I present the not-so-cute Honey Baked Ham Sandwich bento . . . . which Goose forgot to eat and had to be thrown away. Grrrrrr.

That's what I get for taking a bento break. Not that I meant to take a bento break . . . but last week was filled with celebration lunches, farewell lunches, and "oh my gosh - I promised to do lunch" lunches . . . followed by my ex-mother-in-law gifting me with tons of delicious honey baked ham leftovers. Mmmmmmmm.

Long story short . . . the bento kitchen desperately needs to be restocked again, and I've gained 5 pounds. Though my wallet has lost weight. :P :P

Still . . . I thought of a way to make the sandwiches look cuter next time (shave off most of the roll and create four sandwiches instead of just two), but I did like how the yogurt/mandarin orange piece turned out . . . so it wasn't a total loss. Remaining bit is peas and corn topped with two chocolate Easter eggs as a treat.


  1. i love the yogurt and the mandarins!

  2. I agree the yogurt and mandarins look lovely!

    So sad that the honey baked ham was thrown away :( lol