Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Bento (73) - First Peacock Bento

I was going to title this post "First Peacock Bento - Epic Fail" - but when I got to work and opened my lunch, I decided maybe it was cuter than I first thought. So what inspires one to do a peacock bento, you ask (or maybe you don't want to know - but I'm going to tell you anyway!). The sudden realization that you have no protein in your bento. And no plan. But you have fishcake. And if you cut the fishcake into triangles, it might make feathers. Insert hunt for onigiri molder and the vague hope that one of the shapes will prove usable as a peacock body . . . and voila! You've discovered the peacock bento.

The body is a heart shape onigiri, and the head is part of the flower shaped onigiri, poorly cut. The beak is a small slice of fishcake. I surrounded the peacock with cut grapes, and gave him two soy bunnies for company. The top level is yogurt with grapes, additional triangle onigiri, a panda sauce holder with dumpling sauce, and mashed potatoes with a pickled plum - which I have developed a taste for! Those things are YUMMY!

The boys got similar bentos, minus the peacock design.

And Goose got special fishcake star streamers. Oooooo. Aaaaahhhh. (He wasn't impressed either >.< Heh.

He also refused to eat the potato salad because I had made it into weird little balls, and he didn't like that. Of course, I made it into weird little balls because he won't eat it the normal way either. LOL!

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  1. Heh... your yogurt with grapes reminds me of an alien's face... ;-)