Thursday, March 18, 2010

Bento (71) - My Noodles Are Happy to See Me

Wow. I actually got up and cooked two things . . . the fried udon noodles AND the mashed potato salad. I must have been particularly inspired. Though not overly inspired . . . or you would have seen a cheese topper or some such to help with the blinding white mashed potatoes. Green is kiwi. The noodles are udon noodles with sauteed carrots and onions, drizzled with diluted udon sauce. The noodle face is sliced boiled egg for the eyes and a red pepper mouth.
T.'s bento was the same ingredients . . . different layout. I call this . . . ABSTRACT NOODLE.

Though the mashed potatoes seem to be much more attractive in his box . . . hmmmmmm. And speaking of attractive ::drum roll please:: check out the BEAUTIFUL donburi bowls I purchased at Pacific Mercantile. SQUEE!!

And of course - to test them out - I had to make the noodle dish Sasuke's mother makes in Ponyo (Miyazaki's latest release). I think the noodles were a touch bland . . . but I wanted to try it with the base ingredients first. Next time I'll add a little additional seasoning . . . and I think I'll have a family favorite!

For those who haven't seen Ponyo . . . WATCH IT! LOL! I used standard ramen noodles (though next time I'll probably break one pack in half, since we had an overabundance of noodles) and then added torn up ham, green onions, and half a boiled egg - once the noodles were soft. The green onions ended up adding a LOT more flavor than I anticipated.

And coming soon . . . fun with lotus root and pickled plums! Two things I've wanted to try for quite a while. MMMmmmmMMMM. The bento adventure continues!


  1. Heh... T's eggs look like rolly-polly googly eyes... perfect for him! ;-)

    The bowls are awesome! They look a little small in the first picture, but if they hold a whole ramen pack.... BTW, if you look at the "serving size" ramen is two servings. Did you add the seasoning packet to the ramen? I've also experimented with using udon broth for ramen to good effect at times (but it is a dashi base, so that might not be good for you... how about some soy sauce and mirin?).

  2. I wanted to try it with just water first . . . so I did not add the ramen seasoning pack. I've actually been experimenting with udon broth in small quantities . . .and so far, it seems like my body is accepting it. YAY! I'll have to try tossing a little in the next time I make this dish! Thanks for the tip!