Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Bento (70) - Pizza and Penguins!

To my friend whom I recently inspired to begin bento (the corruption spreads . . . MU HA HA!) - here is one of my easiest American bentos. Take pizza leftovers (you know you have them), cut into squares, place separators so frozen veggies do not soggify the crust, and pour in peas. You have created the main portion of this bento! To finish it out, I cut a boiled egg in half (shaped into a car - thanks to my egg molds) and added some blueberries and mandarin oranges. Nutritious, nommy, and EASY!

For myself, I got a little fancier - but this is also an example of bento-ing with tupperware (for those of you who don't have access too and/or don't want to spend money on bento boxes). Though just like tattoos . . . bento boxes are highly addictive. Once you have one, it suddenly doesn't seem like such a crazy idea to have 50 or 60 more . . .

I cut my pizza into triangles and used three silicone cupcake holers to keep my other items separate (I HIGHLY recommend the cupcake holders!). In the upper right, I have blueberries and a fishie boiled egg (once again - courtesy of the egg mold), followed by the lower right, green peas topped with cheese flowers, and the lower left, which is blueberry/kiwi salad. The penguin sauce holder is filled with ranch to add a little pizzaz to my pizza. Om nom nom!

And good luck!

1 comment:

  1. love the evil laugh. the box collecting is addicting, thought I can't speak as to tattoos, except I can't think of a single tattooed person that truly only has 1. :)

    looks tasty!