Saturday, July 2, 2011

Bento (147) - The Road Less Traveled By

So . . . I've been reading a few of my bento books to try and add a few more delicious lunches to my current routine . . . and I realized I have (sadly) never made soboro (ground beef and eggs over rice). While I was pondering my bento in the shower (don't ask) - I was suddenly hit by inspiration . . . I had little kung pao chicken nuggets that could be statues . . . and I could make a little ground beef road . . . and . . . and . . . VOILA!!!! Freeform bento!!

The pickled plum sun in the upper right-hand corner didn't stand out as much as I would have liked, but overall, I was very pleased with this bento. And I discovered Craisins and rice actually make a fairly interesting combination. Maybe I'll have to try Craisin rice balls . . . .

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