Monday, January 24, 2011

Bento (124) - Fun with Jello

Okay - the little jellies are not really the focus of this bento - but just to prove we all have our moments . . . I mostly completed this bento before realizing I had absolutely no fruit (aside from pickled plums) in the fridge. So I took an orange jelly and a clear jelly and YES . . . I took the time to dice them into small jelly cubes . . . HA HA HA ha. With a paring knife. And I didn't cut myself ^.^ I then realized the noodles were glaring white and decide to toss on some cheese toppers . . . and then I thought some folks might like a before/after comparison to see how much of a difference little details make.

End Product:

Bento before cheese stars:

Ingredients: This is my usual beef and noodles with sweet soy broth (the broth is in the sauce holder). I added a little lettuce/corn/ketchup flower to brighten up the meat . . . and oddly, the cubed jellies and zuchinni/squash ended up color coordinating. Score! Red is a pickled plum.

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