Monday, January 3, 2011

Bento (121) - SHEEP!!!!

In case I haven't mentioned it in a while - I was inspired to do bento by Pikko at Adventures in Bentomaking. Pikko and Maki Ogawa recently put out a bento book called Yum Yum Bento . . . from which I have learned to make SHEEP!!! SHEEP!! (Credit where credit is due.)

Top left is blueberry/grape salad. Top right is imitation crab over avacado with corn and pea flowers. Bottom is SHEEP!!!!!! (okay - you knew that) - or fluffy rice cupcakes with quail eggs stuffed in the middle, cheese horns, and nori eyes and mouths. Bottom red circle is a radish flower.

I was late to work today. Waaaaaaay late to work.

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