Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Bento (173) - Three-Topping Bento with Roasted Pineapple

Sorry for the slew o' posts.  As you can probably tell, I fell behind in posting (if not in making :P) my bentos over the last two weeks.  It's the return of the three-topping bento accompanied by roasted pineapple/dried cherry salad, sweet simmered mushrooms, and mini-mochi!

 For J.'s bento, I used tomato salad mixed with chopped basil and shiso leaves. Since I ran out of peas for the three-topping portion, I substituted chopped zucchini.

My bento supplies were running low which forced me to use the two yellows (pineapple and eggs), but I think using the dried cherries to "break up" the color scheme helped slightly.  You laugh, dear bento reader . . . but I actually do think of my foods in color groups.  :P

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