Monday, September 13, 2010

Bento (106) -Panda in a Cucumber Forest

What can I say? I liked how the title sounded - even if it isn't quite accurate . . . but I may have to try making a cucumber forest shortly! Top left is slices of cucumber and slices of roast chicken. Bottom is rice topped with cucumbers and accented with a panda soy sauce holder. Top right is grape/kiwi salad topped with cheddar jack cheese stars, and bottom is potato salad with pickled plum. YUM!

On an unrelated (or sort of related) side note - I went to Applebees with Goose - and when it came time to tuck our leftovers away, I realized they had given me a small white box and pretty food. SQUEE! So I attractively arranged my leftovers :P :P :P And other ways to annoy family and friends. Heh.

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