Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Bento (92) - Fun with Rainbow Mochi . . .

MMmmmmMMMMmmmmm. I love rainbow mochi. My recent bentos have been missing their "cuteness factor" - so I decided rainbows and pink bunnies were in order, with a side of soy bunnies and a fishie egg. >.<

The fishie is being protected from two frozen cherries by a barrier of flower-shaped cucumbers. I'm not sure why the cherries turned out black on film - they were actually a brilliant red.

The edamame were slightly wrinkled, but they were also the last of my edamame. ::sniffle:: I sense another trip to the Pacific Mercantile approaching rapidly!


  1. Wonderful bento. Have not tried rainbow mochi yet..and now I am

  2. I like it. It is very cute! Kwaiii!!!!

  3. This particular rainbow mochi doesn't have a filling . . . so it tastes kind of like sweet rice. Bland, delicate, and addicting. Beware!