Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Bento (86) - Blue Kitties Explore Frozen Rice

I've never been sure if freezing rice actually works. Part of me harbored the suspicion that when you unfreeze it, it retains some sort of undercooked texture. But today I took a deep breath, opened the freezer, and pulled out my experimental frozen rice.

Much to my surprise, the thawed out rice was wonderfully soft and still flavorful. YAY! Next time I make a batch of rice, I'll have to put it in 1-2 serving size ziploc bags. The rest of the bento is tangy chicken, lettuce divider, strawberry/blackberry salad, and peas and corn as toppers.


  1. Very cute bento!
    I've not had great results with frozen rice. Yes, it is edible, but it is not sticky anymore (in my experience). Did you find it sticky, or just "eat with a fork" style?

  2. Eat with a fork style. But that's all I was looking for this time around. Plus - usually heat = sticky and I only wanted thawed rice . . . not warm rice.